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Lotería: Early Learning Benefits of Playing Memory Games

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Loteria - A Bilingual Picture Book. more first words/ mas primeras palabras.. by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein ; art by Citlali Reyes.

Have you ever played Lotería? Let me share with you the fantastic benefits of playing Lotería or a similar well-known memory game: Bingo.

Children practice many early literacy skills when playing memory games such as Lotería and Bingo: exposure to new vocabulary, visual recognition and attention to detail,  fine motor skills,  and hand-eye coordination. The environment you create when playing the game is also important.  The game can played in small or large groups: design a group that creates a sense of well-being and excitement in the new learning opportunity. Children will also work on problem-solving skills, engaging with others, asking questions (why, how, who), and incorporating math, facts, and brain development.  Play these memory board games in groups and take turns.  This will develop important school-readiness skills: playing with others, following directions, and taking turns.

Another benefit of Lotería?  It can be played pretty much anywhere: at home, in the park, in the library, or outdoors.

Book: Loteria : more first words = más primeras palabras / by Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein

Bilingual backpack: Loteria

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