Yolo County Library

Yolo County Library Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities, 2022-27

Yolo County Library Strategic Priorities, 2022-27:

  1. Ensure Residents Read and Thrive
  2. Help Lifelong Learners Succeed
  3. Offer Programs and Services that Strengthen Community Connections
  4. Maximize our Impact on Community Development
  5. Support and Promote the Yolo County Archives, Records Center and Historical Collection

These priorities are designed to:

  • Provide a forward-focused vision for our organization
  • Establish priorities that leverage our strengths and address areas where we are vulnerable
  • Ensure more equitable access to library facilities and resources
  • Effectively allocate resources
  • Align staff with our priorities
  • Ensure our priorities are backed by data and sound reasoning
  • Measure outcomes using both qualitative and quantitative tools
  • Provide organizational transparency and accountability


Yolo County Library’s Strategic Planning
Community Engagement Executive Summary

Yolo County Library’s Strategic Planning
Community Engagement Analysis and Findings

These reports present findings from three forms of engagement conducted by Yolo County Library in 2019, including a patron survey, a survey of Library staff, and a set of interviews conducted with Yolo County community leaders. The robust quantitative and qualitative results are the catalyst for Yolo County Library’s new strategic priorities.