Yolo County Library

About Yolo County Library


Yolo County Library provides access for all to ideas that inform, entertain and inspire. We connect people and ideas.


The Yolo County Library strives to bring diverse and dynamic programs and services to its many communities and residents through innovation, communication, engagement, collaboration and diversity, providing opportunities for everyone to read, grow, discover and interact with one another and the world at large.

Diversity Statement

The Yolo County Library celebrates the diversity of our patrons and staff by striving to create an environment that is inclusive of and respectful towards all ethnicities, races, genders, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, and religions. We do this by:

  • Recognizing that diversity is dynamic, complex, and involves overlapping identities, and is not a static list of attributes.
  • Working to identify where we are not being inclusive and/or equitable by evaluating our programs, collections, and services using a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) lens.
  • Seeking out and maintaining strong relationships with underrepresented groups of Yolo County and supporting their goals, programs, and opinions.
  • Acknowledging that we all have different backgrounds and perspectives and that it takes conscious effort to strive towards equitable outcomes and inclusive communities.
  • Actively becoming an anti-racist organization by not engaging in discriminatory, racist, or hateful speech or actions, while also applying our resources and energy towards enhancing the lives of our staff and community.
  • Serving as information centers and facilitators of courageous conversations, civic discourse, and partnerships to address community challenges.
  • Fostering a culture of respect that allows us all to learn about and value one another as individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Prioritizing education and training for our staff and community on DEI topics so that we continue to learn and unlearn.

Strategic Priorities, 2022-27

  1. Ensure Residents Read and Thrive
  2. Help Lifelong Learners Succeed
  3. Offer Programs and Services that Strengthen Community Connections
  4. Maximize our Impact on Community Development
  5. Support and Promote the Yolo County Archives, Records Center and Historical Collection


Yolo County is one of California’s original 27 counties and is home to over 215,000 people. Nearly 85% of the population lives in the County’s four cities: Davis, West Sacramento, Winters and Woodland.

Yolo County is located on the west side of the Sacramento River with farming and ranching activities playing an important role in making this county one of the leading agricultural producers in the nation.

Yolo County Library serves seven communities and the rural areas of Yolo County, and provides public library services to all areas of the County except the City of Woodland, which independently provides a public library. Branch libraries are located in Clarksburg, Davis, Esparto, Knights Landing, West Sacramento, Winters and Yolo. Library Administration and Technical Services operations are located in Woodland.

County Librarian and Chief Archivist

Diana Lopez,
County Librarian and Chief Archivist

Welcome to Yolo County Library!  For more than one hundred years, we have been providing library services for Yolo County residents.  We are committed to offering welcoming and accessible library services for everyone.  We have a high performing team that is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.  We do our best to provide materials, resources, and programs that are aligned with the needs of our local communities.