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Home Literacy Fun for the Winter Break

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Time off for the holidays?  Many of us will be sharing kindness, embracing our loved ones, and making lasting memories. This is an exciting time of the year for children and there are lots of ways to include literacy into the FUN!

Spending time together can often include reading and storytelling. Try to find opportunities during the winter break to read together.  Visit your local public library for books on holidays you celebrate. Our library has a big selection of books. Check out books on holidays that are celebrated around the world.

Here are other early literacy activities your family can do over the winter break.

  • Come up with a list of “common” holiday words.
  • Get your flashlight, pillow, and blanket. Read your books under the covers.
  • Create a calendar of how many books you have read during the winter break.
  • Have fun with crayons, pens, and paper. Use scratch paper and thick crayons, pencils, and pens for fun doodling and scribbling time. This is great for fine motor skills! Ask children to:
    • Draw a picture of you and them
    • Write what they want to eat
    • Be curious about what they draw – ask them to show you more!
  • Play alphabet games with toys you have at home.
    • Name the first letter of each toy and write it on a card.
    • Pick a letter card and have your child bring you toys that start with that letter.
  • Singing the ABC song while you move from one activity to the next:
    • Change the words, be silly, have fun!
    • Waiting for dinner to be served
    • Washing hands or changing clothes
    • Cleaning up toys
    • Getting in the car
  • Make a family book: collect family pictures to create your own book.

Baby's First Ramadan. DK Board Book.Imagine = Imagine / John LennonWe Are Grateful. Otsaligeliga. by Traci Sopell Illustrated by Frane Lessac

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