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3,2,1 Happy Reading, 2024!

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Let’s celebrate Family Literacy Day together on January 27th!

“Let’s Explore Reading” is the theme for Family Literacy Day.  You can start by exploring your local library!  Gather everyone up and head over or just go online to www.yolocountylibrary.org/learning/early-learners

Your family will find a reading adventure by exploring new books and reconnecting with your local library community.  Learning as a family helps to build strong literacy skills for both adults and children and it may also strengthen family bonds.  What do you want to read about as a family?  Maybe you want to listen to a book together.  Maybe you want to find a discount pass to a park or fun museum.

Let’s set new goals! For example, let’s learn about nature. Let’s be adventurers and explore the outdoor classroom.

  1. Count how many times we go outside and smell the roses.
  2. Let’s count how many steps from our school, library or grocery store it takes.
  3. Find something new (leaf, tree, plant) ask your librarian to guide you to a reference book.
  4. Pick a spot in a greenish area in your local park, backyard, front yard to sit and enjoy a good book.
  5. Invite friends to come along with you on a walk or to the library to explore new books.
  6. Take pictures of your outdoor adventures.
  7. HAVE FUN!

Take time every day to read or do a learning activity with your children.  Playing and reading are crucial to a child’s development. Not only will the children gain literacy skills, but parents and caregivers can learn and have fun as well.

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The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book. 448 Great Things to do in Nature Before You Grow Up by Stacy Torris and Ken Keffer. illustrations by Rachel Riordan. FalconGuides

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