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Visit California Library Literacy Services to learn more about literacy from the California State Library.

Monthly Tutor Report: Volunteer Tutors are asked to complete a monthly tutor report by the 10th of each month.

Roles & Goals: The Roles Goals form is the tool we use to talk about goals. Tutors and Learners should use this form to track any goals set or met.

Certificate of Accomplishment for Yolo Reads participants (fillable PDF)

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Yolo Reads Newsletter Summer 2017

Yolo Reads Literacy Resource List: List of resources available through Yolo Reads, at the Yolo County Library, or online.

Roles & Goals Curriculum: Lesson plans are available for the most common learner goals. Plans include activities, games, reading practice, writing exercises, and vocabulary so tutors and learners have additional guidance in working to achieve goals.

California Library Literacy Services online training includes Creating a Safe Learning Environment, How to help Learners Improve Comprehension and Reasoning Skills, and Teaching Reading to Learners with Poor Phonological Skills.

Tutor-Learner First Meeting: a four-part video showing a typical first meeting between a new learner and tutor.

Literacy Works has a lot of resources worth checking out.  As does Literacy for Life.

Unite for Literacy provides online books that include audio in multiple languages and ASL videos, celebrations of different cultures, and provides support for learners.

USA Learns is a free website to help people learn English online.