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Yolo Reads Adult Literacy provides free tutoring to adults who want to improve their reading, writing, spelling, and grammar skills. Learners receive one-on-one support from volunteer tutors and free materials.

Yolo Reads Family Literacy provides family workshops and builds literacy skills in families who have identified improving literacy to achieve life goals to be a priority.

Email us or call us to sign up.  Learn more by taking a look at past Yolo Reads Newsletters.

Yolo County Library provides Beginning ESL Classes: Classes for adults who do not speak English as their first language. No personal documentation needed. Free class book included. To learn more information please email us or call (530) 666-8081


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Yolo Reads: Frequently asked Questions

Is it free?
Yes, the Yolo Reads program is a free one-on-one tutoring service. Materials, such as workbooks, are provided for free as well.

Can the tutor come to my house?
No, the tutoring sessions are preferably done in the Yolo County Library closest to you (West Sacramento, Davis, Clarksburg, Knights Landing, Yolo, Winters, or Esparto). Tutoring sessions must be held in a public place. Some of our tutors meet with their students at local coffee shops, bookstores, and community centers.

Can I get tutoring for my children?
Family Literacy workshops and other literacy activities are offered for children by both Yolo Reads and YCL Youth Services. However, the one-on-one tutoring part of Yolo Reads is for people 18 or older or 16 and not in school.

But we can still help! Get in touch and we’ll connect you with the best resource for your needs.

When are tutor trainings?
Tutor orientations are held about every 3 months. Call to register for the next training.  You can learn more about library literacy programs at California State Library Literacy Programs

How long do I have to wait to be matched (learner)?
We are always looking for more tutors. If you are a learner, you may have a short waiting period while we find a tutor for you. If you can be matched with a tutor in Davis or West Sacramento, you are likely to be matched within a couple of months. If you are in a rural area, it may take a bit longer.

How long does it take to be matched (tutor)?
Most tutors get matched within the first month after they attend orientation. It may take longer to be matched if you have limited time availability and/or limited ability to travel. Schedules are a hard thing to work around – just remember that the more available you are the easier it will be to match you.


The Yolo Reads program is supported by funding from the California State Library Literacy Services, the Friends groups of Yolo County Library, private businesses in our communities, and through the generous support of our many volunteers throughout Yolo County.

Ongoing support from Partners:

  • California State Library
  • Woodland Public Library Literary Services
  • Yolo County Department of Employment and Social Services
  • Yolo County Health Department
  • Yolo County Housing

Thank you to our Community Donors: