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What is books by mail?
Books by Mail is a free service from the Yolo County Library that brings library materials to you through the mail on a long-term or short-term basis.

Who can use books by mail?
Books by Mail is a free service available to any resident who has a disability, illness or lack of transportation that prevents access to a Yolo County Library branch.

What materials can I check out?
Materials that you can check out include: books, audiobooks, regular and large print fiction and non-fiction, paperbacks, international language materials, music CDs, talking books, magazines and low demand DVDs that are owned by the Yolo County Library.

How long can I check out the material?
Materials will be checked out for four weeks and may be renewed. To renew an item contact Books by Mail staff. There are no late fees, but there are replacement fees for lost or damaged items.

How do the library materials arrive?
Materials will arrive in a pre-paid canvas book mailer to the residence listed in the application. The Library pays for postage.

How do I return the materials?
To return materials, simply place items back in the bag and reverse the address label on the outside, so that the Library address is showing. Then return via U.S. Mail. The Library pays for postage.

How do I sign up?
Complete and turn in an application. Library staff will then call you to confirm your eligibility status and conduct an over-the-phone orientation explaining the program and answering questions.

Email us the application or print it out and bring it to your closest Yolo County Library branch.

Can I choose what to read?
Absolutely! Readers can either request specific titles or ask library staff to select materials based on personal interest. The application includes age level, format, and language preferences.

Do I need a library card?
Yes. Please contact Books by Mail staff to obtain a Yolo County Library card.

This project was made possible in part by an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant.