Yolo County Library

ReadyRosie Early Learning

Ready Rosie is a parent child learning together tool that sends texts to your cell phone. This image shows a cell phone with a Ready Rosie message that has a 2 minute video about making playdough together.

ReadyRosie is a simple tool to:

  • Discover activities and games you can play that will help your child succeed at school.
  • Have more fun than ever with your child through learning together!

The best part is that each activity/ game is shown in a 2-minute video so you and your child can watch it together and then play the game. You will receive these videos and communications via text message and/ or email.

Interested? Take a look at this short video about Ready Rosie.

Sign up here by entering your zip code and selecting Yolo County Library.

Register for ReadyRosie. Espanol. What is your invitation code? Next. No code? Register by zip code. A bright yellow arrow points to "Register by zip code."