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Returning Library Materials

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How do I return my items?

Items may be returned in Yolo County Library branch book drops.  The book drops are open 24/7.  Items that do not fit in the book drops can be returned during library open hours.

How can I return  RAY Bags?

Please return these items to a library staff member during library use hours.

Are you accepting donations?

The Davis Friends of the Public Library and The Winters Friends of the Library are accepting donations. For more information: https://davislibraryfriends.org/donations and https://wfol.org/book-sales-and-donations/
The West Sacramento Friends of the Library are taking donations of magazines under 1 year old.

WiFi 24/7

  • Does the library offer WiFi?
  • Yes, our WiFi will still be turned on and accessible outside our branch locations 24/7. The network is named PUBLIC and no library card is required to connect.

Library Services

Library Materials

When will items be due?

Yolo County Library-owned CDs, books, and magazines check out for 3 weeks.  DVDs and electronic devices check out for 1 week.  Early Learning Kits check out for 4 weeks. See Loan Periods, Limits, and Fees for more information. Most items will automatically renew up to three times – however, if another patron has a hold on an item, it will not renew.  The renewal period is 21 days.  Find out more about automatic renewal here.

What about LINK+?

All LINK+ materials have a checkout period of 3 weeks with one renewal.

You can return LINK+ items to any Yolo County Library book drop.  You do not need a receipt.  To confirm that the library has received the item, you may check your account online or call (530) 666-8005.

What is the Books by Mail program?

The Yolo County Library Books by Mail service is for people who cannot physically get to a library branch.

What if I don’t have a library card?

  • No library card? No problem! Take a look at this information page. Yolo County residents can register online for a Yolo County Library eCard to access digital services. Alternatively, OverDrive allows Yolo County residents to register for a temporary card and borrow digital books and audiobooks using a mobile phone number. If you got a library card online, please visit your local branch to get a physical card or call (530) 666-8005 Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM.

Library Accounts

If your library card has expired or if you need to update your library account with a new address, phone number, or email – call 530-666-8005 or email us.

I still have a question about my account. Is there anyone who can help me?


Can volunteers provide service at the library?

  • Contact your local branch library for volunteer opportunities. To volunteer for the Yolo Reads Adult & Family Literacy program, contact us at 530-666-8019 or yolo.reads@yolocounty.org 

How can I support Yolo Reads Adult & Family Literacy?

How can I support ESL Classes?

  • The Yolo County Library ESL program is accepting volunteers. To find out more call us at 530-666-8079 or yolo.reads@yolocounty.org

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